Q. Can I use more than one heater at a time?

A. Yes, but you should make sure they are not on the same circuit.  Each heater and/or appliance should be on its own circuit. 


Q.  Will I be able to use the heater in a basement or a garage?

A. Yes, but keep in mind that rooms with little insulation will not retain the heat as efficiently.  Bare concrete floors, which act as a heat sink with any type of heating, will absorb some of the heat.  Placing the heater a few feet above the floor will allow for more efficient heating.

Q. Can the temperature on the thermostat be set for freeze prevention (40-50 degrees)?

A. The Thermostat range is 60 to 90°. Many customers do use these units for freeze prevention in basements, cabins, cottages etc. but not below 60°.


Q. Can the heater be used in a bathroom?

A. It is not recommended due to the high level of moisture in a bathroom.


Q. Is this product UL approved?

A. Yes it is.

*UL Listing means that UL has tested representative samples of a product and determined that the product meets specific, defined requirements. These requirements are often based on UL's published and nationally recognized Standards for Safety.